Friday, January 4, 2013

ScrapScription Mini-Album: A Review

I saw an ad for ScrapScription in an older scrapbooking magazine a few months ago. So I hopped online and browsed their website. I was totally blown away by the offerings.  ScrapScription a monthly kit club for mini-albums. At $32.95 per month plus $7.95 for shipping and handling, the kit club provides a good value. Purchasing the kits individually without a club membership does cost more, based on the kit. As I live in Saudi Arabia, the club option really isn't doable for me. However, they do offer kits through a single-purchase option. I ordered a few kits to try. I received my kits on Christmas Day, which was a huge treat. I've already completed one kit and am in the process of making a second project.

1) Scrapscription is a small business and they offer outstanding customer service and support. When I made my order, I had to make some special requests about shipping and they quickly responded to my questions through email. They were helpful and prompt. As a bonus, they checked with me on the shipping price before they charged my credit card.

2) Pricing is reasonable but with the added convenience of having someone pull all the different pieces together which I think adds to the value of the package.

Now on to the actual projects!!!!

I made this the Just Be You album

3) The kit came with detailed directions. I've made projects from kits before and I have to say that Scrapscription by FAR offers the best directions I've seen. The project directions had nine pages of detailed instructions including color photographs for each page. The directions have a grid on the first page telling you how to cut the papers so you can get all the cuts you need. 

4) There is plenty of product, and plenty of paper scraps so you can enough to complete the project. 

5) If the project doesn't tickle your fancy, but you like the product, you can easily create your own projects.

6) My kids LOVED the interactive features in this album. I make a lot of big albums, but I think that I am going to make more mini-albums so my family can more easily access the albums. As Stacy Julian puts it, "Mini-albums are snack size!" And it is true. These also make great albums to display that are easily shared with guests. As much as I love my full-size albums, few people have the stamina or interest to digest a 100-page monstrosity! (I don't think my albums are monstrosities per se, but they can be daunting.)

I enjoyed putting this together for many reasons. It gave me a break from having to create from scratch. It also gave me an opportunity to practice layering techniques. I typically scrap with a very clean and graphic style. So this album gave me a chance to practice and try different things. I think practicing is a good way to learn how to incorporate new styles into an existing style. 

I really think that ScrapScription delivers a really good value and product and should be considered for any scrapper who likes to make mini-albums.