Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A flip book about Sweden

After finishing my 2007 scrapbook album, I had a pile of pictures that didn't make the cut. Either they didn't tell the story I was trying to share,or I didn't want to devote an entire layout to one or two pictures. But the pictures were important to me and do tell snippets about Sweden. I've been puzzled with what to do with them. I finally decided to make a flip book of the pictures. I clued the backs of two pictures together, so each pair is glued together, cut up 4 sheets of cardstock into 4 x 6 rectangles, and combined the two. I want to bind the book with a wire binding--so that will have to wait until I get back to the states. I also need to journal for each picture. I'm also waiting on that, because I would like to buy some journaling tags or something that match the look I'm going for. In the meantime, the project is started. I've shelved it until I can return to the U.S., but I do have a very clear vision for what I want for the book.
I like the idea of a flip book for my coffee table to share with guests my love of Sweden, without overwhelming them by handing them 5 12 x12 albums with 100-200 pages in each book. I'll probably do the same about Saudi Arabia. 

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