Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I just completed my 2007 scrapbook album. 2007 was an incredible year for our family. We spent a really special 6 weeks in the Middle East. I went to Amsterdam for my birthday. My husband graduated with his PhD from Lund University in Sweden. And we went on an awesome 10 day trip to Europe with my mother-in-law.

I made a really cool 40 page 8 x 8 album of my Amsterdam trip. I made photo books of my husband's graduation and party and of our European trip. I'm still working on the Middle East trip. These books were all done in previous years.

But the big news is that I FINISHED my 2007 album. It really was a big year and I took a lot of pictures trying to capture all the little things about Sweden and our time there. So I had a lot of pictures to scrap. I had completed pages from January to the middle of March prior to moving to Saudi Arabia.

Here's the rundown. I've been in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for 87 days. In that time, I've made:

* 14 pages covering 2010 and 2011
* 3 mini-books (1 happy book about my youngest son and daughter, 1 board/flap book about my family, and 1 little mini board book)
* 2 wall layouts
* 68 pages from 2007

Yeah, I've been busy. I've pull out my stuff most weekdays and try and do at least 1, if not 2, layouts per session. Not all my layouts are amazing works of art. Some are just really basic. Today, I was in the mood to finish everything and so I did 6 layouts in 2 hours. Really, I'm okay with that. I wanted to finish telling those stories and get that album out of the way. Some layouts ARE special and really well done. Sometimes those layouts take time and other times, they come together really quickly.

I've been immersing myself in magazines, studying Creating Keepsakes and Scrapbooks Etc. and the magazines have given me some great ideas. I'm writing down my ideas and thoughts.

What's next? Well, I have 2010, 2011 and the present, not to mention 1998-2002. Right now, I think I am going to spend some time in the present and working a bit with 2011. I also have this cute little book that I am almost finished with about my 35 favorite things (in honor of my 35th birthday).

Not to brag to much, but I have albums from 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, plus lots of little books about my kids. I'm happy with my progress. Each year, I make albums for my parents and in-laws. And I've made many other books. I feel like my current family history is well documented.

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