Sunday, April 22, 2012

New tactics

After the press to finish my 2007 scrapbook, I'm a little tired of working exclusively with 4 x 6 photos. I also want to capture the memories and events that are happening right now.

In an effort to record events from 2012, I will be doing the following:
1) Make a blog book from my posts about our time in Saudi Arabia.
2) Make scrapbook pages from my weekly updates that I mail to family and friends. The format will be simple with the text being included and then a few highlight pictures from the week.
3) Spend more time making artsy pages on meaningful things--i.e. development in the kids, feelings about being a mom, just stuff that I don't want to get lost. And it will, if I don't record it now.

I am trying to work on parts from 2011 as well. I made photo calenders for my mom and myself this year, with pictures from the last year. I'm going to use the month page as an introduction to the month. And then I'll scrap my favorite memories/events from the year.

I mentioned earlier that I'm tired of having to make do with 4 x 6 photos. I usually operate that way because online photo printing services like shutterfly and snapfish frequently offer specials on batch photos. That is a fine way to do it and saves money. I do have my own photo printer, but each 4 x 6 print costs about 33 cents apiece. I suppose I could get photos printed here in Riyadh, but I decided not to gamble. I bought 3 big packs of photo paper and ink for my little photo printer. In order to be frugal, I'm printing more than one photo per sheet. It's kind of fun to operate this way, because I'm pre-planning my pages, looking at pictures, figuring out the layout, and then printing my pictures. It's a little different process than what I've used in the past, but I needed something different. I felt like my last few pages were uninspired and I want to get over that creativity jet lag. I'm sure I'll pick up again and feel the motivation.

 Mud pie: This was such a fun page to make. My youngest two children spend at least an hour a day making mud pies outside in our back porch. It's a really messy process that kind of drives me nuts. But my children love it! They get so dirty and they are so happy. Anyhow, I took these pictures to document this little ritual they have. I asked my 5-year old daughter to tell me why she likes making mud pies. She obliged with this paragraph about the delights of mud pie making. I found the sketch from a CK magazine. I liked the linear look of the photos being places on one side and then the text on the other side. I had this cute paper with a lot of embellishments that appealed to me. I liked the playful feel of the paper, yet it is organized and easy for the eye to follow the patterns. I matted the photos on squares of coordinating paper and then mounted it on a red block of paper. I do like structure and organization on my pages.

 January 2011: A very easy page to make. I chose a coordinating color to match the flowers on the calender page. I like the look of the torn notebook paper edge. I plan on spending some time documenting the crazy snowstorms we experienced in New York.
Choo-Choo: I made this page from a kit I bought from Piggy Tales. My youngest son loves playing with his wooden train tracks, so it wasn't hard to put this page together. The original layout called for 2 photos, but I had four photos I wanted to showcase. I think it looks great and tells a visual story of my son playing outside.

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